Created: Monday, 12 February 2007 Written by Chato
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Evictions, Homelessness, Inflation, and Massive Foreign debt.

The Howard economic miracle is still delivering
record dividends to the banks and the landlord
class and a few others. These dividends are set to
increase further as the homelessness "boom"
gathers speed.

Wretched first home buyers and tenants are
to be the inheritors of the John Howard Legacy,
i.e. evictions and impoverished homelessness.

Even those less affected by over a decade of
economic manipulation by an irresponsible elite,
will also be drawn into paying the nation's bills
into the far future as the Howard Fantasyland
economy moves into the hyper-inflationary
foreign-debt-paying mode.

The Howard "miracle" prosperity has been largely
a Ponzi scheme, based on an ever-increasing
foreign debt spiral, (Howard's "prosperity").

This "prosperity" has been almost entirely
supported by huge overseas borrowing, public
assets sales, closing down public services, and
exporting a narrow range of primary industry
products. Australia has hardly any value-added
products to sell on the world market, hence the
huge foreign debt that has accumulated.

The big contraction is almost here, and even the
wealthy may have trouble protecting themselves
from the rain when Howard's pyramid racket bills
fall due for the swindled Oz public to pay.