Created: Monday, 11 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Dear Ricky, I'm very worried about John.

With all the arse sucking of the rich
and famous that John is doing, I'm
worried that he may pick up an infection
from filthy germs in their turds entering
the fork in his tongue.

If he became ill it would interfere with
his capacity to ensure a rotten future
in the Howardland for all his adoring Oz
meatheads and fucktards.
His tongue action could be queered and it
could possibly reduce his arse sucking force.

Should I advise him to see a tongue and lip
doctor, or should he just read a proctologist's
report on any arse he is planning to suck?

Hoping you can help our little arsewipe, as the
Oz fucktards are losing their minds with worry.
They lost two meatheads recently, and to lose
the Little King would be just too much!