More Xenox News Poetry...

Created: Saturday, 18 September 2004 Written by Lordy Lordy Lordy
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Its world famous.
It gets your soul crying.
Its Xenox News poetry! First off...

"I'm gunna make you eat my shit like chocalate;
Your gunna wipe my ass with your tounge;
And thats just for sexual stimualtion!
I aint even begun the fun!"

Dextor, Maroochdore

"Oh Pauline!
You is a sprightly queen,
with your red hair
and your pink underwear.

C'mon pauline,
gobble and swallow.
all on video
so we can appreciate you more.
just let it all
rain down on you...
from lil Johnny and crew.
Ive got the camera;
You got the will?"

Frank, Canberra