Peaceful Melbourne

Created: Tuesday, 26 July 2005 Written by geronimo
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It's a lovely day today and all is well with the World. Everything is just the way it should be. Yes that's right. The sun rose this morning just like it always does and we even had a bit of a rain. I liked that. People went about their chosen business. Driving to work or school. People were buying and selling things. Everything everywhere is just the way it's meant to be. Ain't that lovely. Isn't karma wonderful. Everything we experience in the moment is a result of past actions. Actually most people think of karma as past action but really your karma is what you are doing right now in the moment. This is what will determine the shape of the next moment and so on. What you think, say and do now determines your future. Shall I turn left or right? Shall I live in this block of flats or that one over there. Maybe if I choose that one I won't get shot as a terrorist suspect. Unfortunately we rarely can make such informed decisions as the future is veiled to us. But we make decisions anyway and they are our decisions and we live and die by them. Even trivial things like what you choose to eat every day is a life or death choice and may wind up killing you in twenty or thirty years. Every choice we make is a life or death choice. Mr Howard might make decisions that change the "social fabric" around you but how you react to that and what you do with it is entirely up to you. You can cry victim or you can do something positive with it. It's always your choice and to deny that denies your own power.... your own divine power.... the great spirit Wakan Tanka lives in all of us... oops that's a Dakota word and I am an Apache.... well you get the gist.... rageous.... cunt's that are dumb..... wake up.... this is the living end... this is the end and I'm still living.... hit it..... .make it a dead one... well I jumped..... and fled this fucking heap on doctored wings, my flaming pinions.... rats in paradise .... rats in paradise.... or shall I lie with death my bride?... you don't make me feel like I'm a woman anymore.... like talking to a stranger... hey ufo man...